Saturday, March 05, 2011


Every other week, sometimes less, depending on schedules. Next one on St. Patrick's Day. We will do something special, make corned beef and cabbage, maybe someone will bring chips. (New Years was a deli platter and swedish meatballs). They will play with our cats and our children. We will feel warmth and companionship. And we will be dwarfs, or evil mages, druids or clerics. We will laugh or barrage another of our party for a dumb move. We will order pizza for our skyped friend (the delivery guy will be amazed it is payed for from someone in Boston).

These guys. Sometimes I am not in the mood to have these guys come over and intrude on my Thursday night (I have so many other things to do on a weeknight). Sometimes I am not in the mood to be the only girl, hanging out with the guys and playing a game...but most times. Most times I am so happy to have such wonderful friends, and have times to fight zombie mummies, rats and goblins.


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Kristin said...

That sounds like an awesome time. Wish I could share it with you.