Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Plan 2010: March Update

Here is my update on Plan:

March was a bit rough. But, some goals actually were met and, on the whole I feel pretty good about March.

I have lost a total of ten pounds (which is a lot considering the conditions, and a drop in the bucket considering how much more I need to lose--but I will consider it a good start for now).

I have kept up with my morning exercise routine. It's been pleasantly enhanced with my re-viewing of our DVDs of the new Doctor Who. I started with season one, and I am now up to season three...I not only watch the episodes, but watch the extras. Really helps me keep motivated...

And it adds to some nice family time--the boy runs into our bedroom and sits on the bed to watch, husband starts to wake up and watch. Its a nice little moment--and I get exercise too!

I have had mixed success with my evening routine on the Wii. Mainly because our nightly routine can have so many things effect it. If Michael has a lot of homework, he is up longer, which usually means Willow is up longer. If my husband works late (which occurs at least once or twice a week) then everything is thrown off a bit, and any adult time I have gets later and later.

But. I have worked out on the Wii at least 2 times each week. So, that is a start.

We had a family meeting and set down some new goals. Our television viewing habits were not awful, but Willow has gotten to the point where she knows a routine and wants to emulate--so, we are cutting back so that she does not become such a couch potato. Michael contributed, as always, in the family meeting and it was useful. I want to try to have a family meeting every month.

We have had some personal time, and we both have decided that we need to re-establish our monthly dates. (Yes, we used to do weekly dates, long long ago--but monthly should fit in nicely budget and logistical wise).

The big part of the Plan that I am having troubles with--cooking meals. Our hectic life has made it hard to keep with meal plans, and I often am too exhausted, too busy helping my son stay focused on homework and amusing/spending time with a toddler to be able to make meals. Not that I have totally failed on this, but I have had more times than not, resorted to take out or simple (and not as nutritious) meals.

So, if I was giving myself a grade for keeping up with my Plan, I would say I have a solid B going here...


Kristin said...

Congrats on the weight loss Delenn. You are doing great.

Life Happens said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It's great that you have established family goals together too.

kimbosue said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

And a B is still passing, right? :-)

good luck with the rest of the goals. Meal planning/cooking is hard for me too.

serenity said...

Ten pounds? That's great. Keep it up - slow weight loss is the best way to KEEP it off. You're doing great.

We struggle with meal planning too. But we just bought a weight watchers under 20-minute recipe book that we LOVE. Quick and healthy meals, helps with portion control, etc.

We also have a few super quick go-to meals we make - white chicken chili (McCormick spice packs, it's really easy), or wheat Boboli with veggies, skim mozzerella and canned/bottled tomato sauce, or tacos.

Stick with it. You're doing really well! B is way closer to A then a D is. :)

Daven said...

Hi There! I just wanted to say thank you for always leaving me nice comments on my blog! Sometimes just knowing that someone cares really helps! I hope you have a great day..


Cibele said...

I give you an A~~

Martha said...

I am really proud of your weight loss and exercise routine.
I suck at meal planning, trying to get better, but it's tough w/work and the kids.
Good for you and hubby for having date night.

Martha said...

I am really proud of your weight loss and exercise routine.
I suck at meal planning, trying to get better, but it's tough w/work and the kids.
Good for you and hubby for having date night.

MrsSpock said...

Weight loss is difficult- good for you for losing 10!

I take about 30 minutes every Sunday to meal plan, mostly using blogs, which I have become addicted to. I use the slow cooker a lot.

We don't have time for weekly date nights either...