Perfect Moment Monday

Moment #1: We are having troubles keeping her to stay put for the photographer. Trying to do everything we can. He offers to sit with her (partially to be part of the attention, I assume, partially to help). He selflessly puts himself in weird poses to help her stay put. He has ideas of his own--"maybe she can hug me, like this"..."maybe if I lie here, she could do this". This is one of the many perfect moments I have seen lately of his total devotion to his sister. I cannot help but feel proud of him.

Moment #2: As she is being presented with a cake (with no other reasons given) to "smash" at the photo shoot, she spontaneously starts singing "Happy Birthday". And we all join in.

Moment #3: I am sick--a whole box of tissues used up and our internet and cable are down. I read a book (and finish it!); my husband takes the brunt of the kids. I hear quiet. Wonder where they are...I look out and I see he has taken her over to the neighbors to swing in the cool spring breeze.

More Perfect Moments Here.


Lavender Luz said…
Both those scenes from the photo shoot are lovely. I'm always up for a spontaneous sing along!

Hope you are feeling all better!
Kristin said…
Feel better soon...and those are some pretty special perfect moments.
Miss K said…
The photo shoot moments are hilarious!! :)
Suzy said…
I can see the photo shoots playing out in my mind now.

Hope you're feeling better!

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