Show & Tell #60

It's Willow time!

Tried to get some video of Willow tonight, these are the two attempts. As soon as she sees the camera, she wants to play with it. So, here she is.


I call this Baby Hospital. She took a WHOLE bunch of wet wipes and I am not sure what is going on, but it looked like a scene from Gone with the Wind...

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cowgirltn said…
She is so cute. At first I thought the music was part of her film. I thought how cool she set music to this clip.
Kristin said…
Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Love the Gone With The Wind scene.
pandabox33 said…
Hihi !!
She is so adorable. That second video is too funny!
Very cute! I think I see Kermit, he was my favorite at that age!
Paisley said…
I loved that she just kept saying, "Cheese!"
That made me lol. She's so adorable!
MrsSpock said…
LOL. Excellent nursing skills!

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