Perfect Moment Monday

Moment # 1: He found them. My stash of Mad Magazines--ones that I have saved and saved from when I had a subscription. He is excited and tells me some of the jokes, and I remember them well. He likes Don Martin. His father shows him the CD versions that he bought me one holiday...I prefer the feel of the magazines myself, but I do appreciate that we have all of them (up to 1999) on CD... Sometimes I can see myself in my son. This is one of those times. For his upcoming birthday, I am getting him a subscription to Mad.

Moment #2: She is getting a bit bossey in that cute way. She will grab your hand and pull you towards something. She will ask you to "sit" or "come". She is also learning to say "pees" and "tank you", but those are not as demanding she has learned. She is insistent. That you take the world at her pace. That you take the time out of the routine and play blocks with her or kiss her dolls or play ball. She makes me stop and enjoy the moment. Dishes, laundry, cooking...the house is a mess sometimes. But. I am playing with my daughter right now at her insistence and I don't mind being bossed around to do that.

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I used to love Mad. I can still remember some of the things I didn't quite understand at that age, like jokes about Caspar Weinberger. It's strange how Mad is perfect humor for kids, except when it's not.
Mason is very insistent, too. I do love spending time doing what he wants, but in the mornings when we are trying to get out the door it can be trying.
Lavender Luz said…
One thing that's so great about your perfect moments is your yin and your yang. With your two children, you have such sweet yet different moments each week.

I enjoyed Mad Magazines, too. Nice that you can share this sense of humor with your son.

And that your daughter keeps you in the moment, noticing these perfect moments.
Martha said…
I love Mad Magazine and that is so cool your son has our same Excellent taste in humor.
Thank you Delenn for the happy sharing of your delightful children.
Kristin said…
Those are truly wonderful moments. My husband and I both loved Mad magazine and we also loved the TV show.
I am told to turn off the computer now. He is so right. I need to "come in and play trucks."
MrsSpock said…
I loved Mad as a kid.

We are in the "demand" stage too. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's irritating, but I always feel lucky he is here.

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