Perfect Moment Monday

This time I am going to share a moment about me being proud of myself:

Coming up to his 11th Birthday has been interesting as this is the first year we are not doing a big party, a theme, a place, etc. I had told him that this year we would do something more intimate--a couple of friends of his choosing, an activity of his choice, some cake, some ice cream, etc. When I asked him about a month ago what he wanted to do, he said a sleep-over that would include his best friend (since kindergarten) who has recently moved to a neighboring state.

Problem. The best friend, I had only one way to contact his mother. And it took weeks to try to find out whether and when I could have him come. And I never told my son that these plans were in motion. Mainly because I was uncertain of the outcome.

Friday, I finally got confirmation from the mother that he would be able to come THE NEXT night. I called the other child's mother to make sure he could come. Then, on Friday night, I went out and bought some small Star Wars figurines and a small gift (he will get his other birthday gifts on his actual birthday). On Saturday, while my husband took the kids to his karate class, I went out and bought a cake, party plates and cups, snacks, and put the Star Wars figures on the cake. And hid all in the oven.

Late afternoon, door rings, and my son answers the door to see his best friend. And later was further surprised with the cake, ice cream, etc. They had a great time and enjoyed themselves. They were well behaved and the house is only a small mess.

It was one of those Perfect Moments I have had as a mother, one of those times when all your planning actually works to perfection. To feel like I had made my son so very happy. How much I love him.

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Christy said…
Way to go! Sounds like a really fun surprise. Glad it went off without a hitch.
Sheri said…
I'm visiting from Weebles Wobblog to check out your Perfect Moment.

As a mother it is so satisfying to pull it all together and do something as wonderful as your birthday surprise party.

That was awesome!! I bet he LOVED it...and seeing the surprised look on his face would make it that much more perfect!

Good for you!
Suzy said…
That is awesome! I'm sure he really enjoyed the day!
Lavender Luz said…
What a terrific gift package. He will always remember how it felt to have his mom arrange such a special present for him!
JJ said…
You are one COOL Mom :) So awesome!
kimbosue said…
What a great mom you are! How exciting!
cowboyboot lady said…
What a nice surprise! You are a cool mom!
~Jess said…
What a great gift! I think that those kind of birthday presents are the best :-)
PFM said…
That sounds like an unforgettable birthday for him.
Aw, I'm so glad it all worked out! He will remember this birthday forever.
MrsSpock said…
Great surprise Mom!

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