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Trick or Treat

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The kids had a great time. Michael enjoyed scaring other kids, Willow was declared "cute" many many times. The weather was fantastically warm, although windy. Willow really "got" it and within 2-3 houses, she was walking up to doors and going for that candy. She got a lollipop, and at home she ate a Hershey bar through the wrapper--I mean, she ate it, and the wrapper was left in her hands...we had not opened it up for her yet! Michael made sure "Halloween was not over yet", as we did our traditional ride around the city to see different decorations. Afterwards, Willow totally went to sleep--like she was asleep before she hit the crib. Michael needed to watch a Simpsons Treehouse of horror and then up to bed (we think!)

October Thoughts

At work on a Friday, Halloween and fun with the kids on my mind. Autumn is going by so much quicker than I thought it possibly could. Things we were going to do. Things we have done that are now memories. Michael’s new school portrait is up at my desk. I look at it and wonder where my little boy has gone? This portrait shows his lanky maturity, his teenager self.

I love this time of year. I love planning and organizing activities. I love seeing the world through their eyes. What a wonder this world is. How lucky I am.

Halloween Happenings

The Halloween Party went off without a hitch. I made more food than necessary (marshmallow eyeballs and mummy hot dogs and, of course, the "famous" jello brain--for some reason this is always a big hit). We had them play some games, they ran around, they (mostly the boys) danced to music. I have some interesting video of my son and another "grim reaper" dancing to "Don't Fear the Reaper" one point my son uses his syche as a guitar...but I digress. The bobbing for apples, as usual, was the BIG event--and Willow was intrigued...because, when it comes to anything with water--this girl LOVES it! So, she tried to bob for apples too. After using mini pumpkins for pumpkin bowling, we used the mini pumpkins for bobbing too! (A new tradition born) All in all, we had a fun and exhausting time--the clean up is still going on...

The next day we went to Halloween Town in Boston. We had a blast there. Willow got to see her second Dan Zanes concert, Mi…

Willow - 1.5

Today marks Willow's half way mark on her way to being a two year old.


Words she says: done, mamma, up, milk, thank you, dad, john, kitty/kat, and many more that surprise us daily.
She has many, many teeth now, and can eat carrots and apples whole, has had her share of pizza and cake and ice cream.

She can go up and down the stairs.

She can kiss and hug and "feed" stuffed animals, baby dolls. She even fusses to put them to "bed".

She can run and kick a ball.

She plays games. Her favorites: "Tickle/Tummy Fart Monster is Coming to Town" and "Willow the Revenge Monster hides out and then Surprises Everyone"

She understands simple instructions. She understands stories and is starting to have favorite books.

She has opinions on her clothes, her shoes, what she eats, what she should be doing (bath time should be all the time!).



You are becoming such an amazing little girl. You are curious and adventurous. You have a girly st…

Show & Tell - #50

My friend Ana and I went horseback riding last Saturday. It was the first time I was on a horse in 20 years (!)

Ana had never been on a horse before:

Here is me getting ready to get on the horse:

And here is the view from above:

(Husband was supposed to take more pictures, but had hands full with kids--who went to the petting zoo and small zoo they had at the farm.)

We rode along a wooded trail in New Hampshire. There were still some fall foilage, and I got to see some of the sets for the haunted hayride...

Being on a horse after all those years was refreshing and fun. And I want to go do it again and soon!

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Perfect Moment Monday: 3 a.m. Conversations

Willow knows her eyes, her nose, her belly botton, sometimes her ears. She loves to point them out on herself and others. She is also working on pointing out her mouth and teeth.

I just wish she wouldn't choose to work on the enterprise at 3 in the morning.

Conversation last night (I guess early this morning) with my nearly 1 1/2 year old:

Her: "Eye" [she puts her finger into her eye to point to it]

Me: "Yes, that is your eye."

Her: "Eye" [again with the finger pointing]

Me: "Yes, that is your eye. Your eyes should be shut now, it is time to be asleep. Shhhh...."

Her: "Eye!"

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Work - All in the attitude

The other morning I was saying good-bye to everyone, and Michael said "You'll have a good day, right?" And I did the cynical adult thing which was to say "Eh, it will be okay, I guess." Michael looked at me quizzically and asked me if I liked my work. It was then I realized that, for him, he assumes I work for the pleasure of working--something we tend to instill in kids. "What are you going to be when you grow up?" is a big deal and we tell them they can be and do whatever they want in life. So, of course you grow up and do what you love, right?!

Thing is, being a working mother is a bit more complex than that (just like being a stay at home mom is not just about the child care). I do get pleasure from working and doing a job well done. I do like the social interaction and the intellectual exercise. But, to me, work is a means to an end. At the end of the day, it is the money that is important to me as it means I can give my children what they ne…

Corn Maze

Sunday we went to the Family Guy Corn Maze. It was well thought out and was tons of fun. They had ten outposts and at each outpost you had to answer a question, depending on your answer you turned right or left. You could pick different themed questions. Michael's questions were all Halloween themed. My husband's were all Family Guy themed, our friend John's were biblical themed, mine were Toddler Themed (Willow and I shared). Of course, we had a harried morning, and I ended up forgetting my camera (or video camera), but my husband and I both had our cell phones--so here are cell phone pictures!

Here we are in the midst of the maze. I think we might be in the Stewie part.

There were two bridges in the middle of the maze. Nice way to see above. Here is Willow and John and me going up the bridge.

Michael and John figuring out their way, based on our questions (the pieces of paper in their hands). At first we got lost and came to this bridge three, four times...

Every so often Wi…

Book Tour: It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita by Heather Armstrong

Time for another Book Tour (see the end of this post for more information):

I did not know about Heather Armstrong before I read this book. I did not know she has a popular mommy blog. I really try not to follow the so-called "Mommy Bloggers", partially out of time issues, partially out of irritation issues.

However, I did find some common ground with sections of this book, and I even did find myself sometimes chuckling along with her over the many absurdities of being a first time parent.

I admit that I really was interested in her struggle with Post Partum Depression, as this is still a somewhat a taboo subject. I feel that she was very brave in showing her readers (both on her blog and in her book) this often unspoken part of pregnancy/child birth.

While in the end, I found this book somewhat dissatisfying, I would recommend it for any first time mother.

While there were times that I laughed as hard as I did reading Dan Savage’s The Kid, I felt the humor in her case served to …

Show & Tell - #49

Today for Show & Tell: My Amazing Technicolor I-Pod!

A few years ago, my husband created a monster by giving me an I-Pod for my birthday. Today, I thought I would share with you what is on my I-Pod. Recently I have been playing Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; yesterday it was Jesus Christ Superstar. But I don't just have show tunes (although I do have Phantom of the Opera, Le Miz, Lion King, Spamalot, Oklamoha, West Side Story, South Pacific, Camelot...and Once More With Feeling (the soundtrack to the excellent Buffy musical show))

I have eclectic tastes. Just searching through the song list on letter "L", I found songs from Paul Simon, Carpenters, Wierd Al, Iggy Pop, Winston Marsellis, Indigo Girls, Dan Zanes, etc. (Sorry the photos are fuzzy--from my cellphone)

Oh, and lets not forget 80s music and alternative...

Oh, and on the television side, I have Robot Chicken and, of course....

Dr. Horrible!

A shuffle cycle on my I-Pod would be sure to cause s…

Thoughts on a Rainy Day

As I drive to work in the rain. Thinking.

Thinking about her kiss last night. How open mouthed and sticky. How her personality is forming and shaping. She is still a baby in many ways, but she is becoming more independent and curious each day. She is becoming another. She is becoming my daughter. I still find it hard to believe that I have a daughter. The hopes and fears I have for her are endless. As is my love for her.

Looking at him the other night at bedtime. Sometimes I spend some time just looking at him. While he talks to me, as I listen, I look at his eyes, bright and shining. The curve of his mouth. He is getting taller, almost my height. He is sometimes so mysterious to me, this first born child. I understand him and yet we can be distant sometimes. But here, in his room, before he goes to sleep. We know each other’s heart. I read to him and I remember him younger than he is. I wonder who he is; what he will accomplish. I will never admit it to anyone, but he…

Perfect Moment Monday

Alone in a movie theatre. Our first date in quite a while. We ordered popcorn, which we normally don't. (We do, but it is usually for the boy--who can down a whole large bag of popcorn on his own). A much anticipated movie on our parts, we sit waiting for it to start. We talk and eat popcorn (we also snuck in some chocolate--3Musketeers and Reeses Cups). The salty/chocolate taste mixed with soda and conversation. We are a couple. Not parents. The slight anxiety of leaving the kids at home with a sitter is mixed with the pleasure of each others company. And then the movie starts. And we share intimate knowledge of Nazis and gore. We laugh at the inappropropriate times, enjoying the violence and nonsense. We whisper "Who is that character actor? Haven't we seen him before?"

Later, we go to a small cheap taco/burrito bar. We had discussed Indian or Fancy Rib Place--but, we both worry about the expense of the sitter and, frankly seeing our children to bed. We …

First Major Boo Boo and Random

Willow went apple picking today at daycare. There were apples all over the place, including the ground, and she slipped and got that nice bump above her eye. It looks a little worse than the picture, but obviously, she is a-okay. Always fun to come to pick up your child to find her with a shiner! (BTW, both kids LOVE apples--that is her third one today in her lap)

Random things:

As reflected with the poll, I actually got my heart set on getting Willow a giraffe costume for Halloween. Only to find the sizes left much to be, after much searching...I found a costume I couldn't resist:

Its got a pouch! And a toy! And its cuddly!

It's time for Michael to pick out an instrument to play in school. I am probably more excited than he is, but I hope he has fun with it like I did.

Time to start getting ready for Michael's Halloween party. Already picked a date (Oct. 24th). This weekend I think we will start getting invitations ready.

Ugh, already having the crunch wit…