Thursday, November 05, 2009

Brain Damage! - Updated

We love our DVR, and one of the things we love about it is that we can re-watch things we haven't seen in Bill Cosby's Himself. Last night we watched it with our son, while we ate chinese take-out. Every time I see it, the bits when he is talking about his children gets funnier and funnier. And truer and truer.

As an example, this morning, my husband called me to give me the morning report:

Child One (Willow): Decided that while daddy was getting her milk out of the frigerator, she would take the left over chinese and dump it onto the floor. While he cleaned that up (of course, it was MY left overs); she preceded to go into the bathroom--(Mistake #1, door or gate should have been closed)--and she decided to help daddy by cleaning and scooping out the cat's litter into the toilet (as she has seen mommy do before)--cat litter is everywhere. I guess she thought her Dora doll also needed to get clean--so it was in the toilet also.

As my husband contends with this...

He asks Child Two (Michael) to hold onto an important check (Mistake #2, don't give our ADHD son anything IMPORTANT to hold onto) for "just a minute" while he dealt with things. Afterwards, the check is missing. My husband confronts my son, saying where is it? And my son procedes to argue with him over how mom is going to say it was wrong for my husband to give him the check in the first place.

They find the check on the floor of the bathroom. Who knows how it got there.

My husband calls after dropping the kids off -- "Brain Damage!"

ADDENDUM (Update):

So, I talk to Michael when I pick him up from school.

Me: "So, I hear that you guys had an adventure this morning."

Him: "Um, really?"

I tell him about Willow going in the kitty litter, etc.

Him: "Oh, yeah, I remember dad yelling out at some point. I wasn't really listening..."

Me: "oh"

Him: "You know, the mornings are kinda funny like that. Dad and I are usually in the living room and then all of the sudden dad says "where's Willow?". Which is funny, cuz I usually see her leaving the room, but I figure dad is watching her."

He thinks for a minute.

Him: "I think dad says "where's Willow?" a lot during the mornings..."


Suzy said...

I love Bill Cosby! We kept that on our DVR for a while and watched it over and over. It just gets funnier every time!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Mornings are SO tough!!! I never get out the on time because something always happens even if I think I might be early. You are sort of lucky you don't have to contend with that stuff every morning!

Delenn said...

Hee. Well, yes and no, Somewhat Ordinary. I am ALWAYS leaving late for work trying to help him out with this, it just happened that today I missed it by "this much"!

Cibele said...

Mornings are not easy. I can't imagine with 2 LOL.

Christy said...

Classic! I just have to say that your family is doing a great job of building memories.

KimboSue said...

Where's Willow? Like Where's Waldo but waaaaay funnier!