Saturday, July 25, 2009


Willow had her first ice cream cone today. Yeah, sure, she has had licks of ice cream before...but this was her first one ALL for herself.

We went to Dairy Queen. She had a vanilla soft serve. She LOVED it. Got ice cream all over her face, her outfit. She also dropped the cone once. We picked it up--it only had a little bit of dirt on it...we brushed that off. Then she saw the dripped ice cream. Which she proceeded to clean up. With her hand at first, then with a napkin. While Willow was busy cleaning up that spill, in her right hand was the cone, which she dipped down ice cream first onto the pavement. And then she ate it. Her face looked like she had Oreo cookie ice speckles of dirt. Then, she found a twig, and used the stick to spoon out ice cream. Then we decided that was enough. (She was almost finished anyways). Ummm..she did not like that we took her mashed ice cream cone away. But after a bit of fussiness, she fell asleep in the car...


My first couple days at work went rather well. The people are nice and I am being eased into the position. And they remembered that I am going on vacation in 2 weeks, which is nice that they don't have a problem with that. I got many compliments on my work (although I have not really done anything too hard or out of my element yet). Monday starts the "New Normal-Summer Edition".


Michael had his first camp Field Trip of the summer. It was at the fine arts museum. Since it was his first day of camp (and they had assured me that they were NOT going on a field trip), we did not have field trip money...but we are members of the museum so my husband gave my son his membership card. Michael then let everyone in his group use it to get 1/2 off of their lunches. The teachers made sure to announce a big thank you for him doing that.


Husband had his first day off from work--his work sprung a surprise "Snow Day" for all the workers. At a company meeting on Thursday, they told everyone that they did not have to come in the next day--they were having a "Snow Day" and they manufactured snow in the meeting--they even made up t-shirts that said "Snow Day 2009"! Huh. (Maybe I should have gotten a job there).


Valerie said...

Glad everything is going well with the new job. I want to work where your hubby works too! I love the ice cream story.

Caro said...

Glad the new job is going well and cute ice-cream story.

KimboSue said...

YAY for new jobs!
YAY for ice cream!
YAY for snow days in summmer!

butterflyanla said...

She is so cute with that ice-cream cone! Thanks for your warm thoughts and card.

JJ said...

Look at Miss Cutie! And so glad the job is going well--have been thinking of you!