Show & Tell #32

Today we went to our friend's house in New Hampshire to have a BBQ. She invited another couple who brought their fur-baby, a 5 month old chocolate lab named Java. So, Willow got to hang out with three dogs, and a few cats.

Here are some awful, blurry photos from my husband's cell phone.

That is our friend, with Java and Willow on her lap.

Willow petted Java and Java was wonderful with her (it helped that Java was really tired out from running around outside).

Our friend is also fostering kittens for the local shelter (taking care of them until they reach age to be adopted). Willow LOVED one of the kittens, and took it and hugged it like crazy.

I am so glad she is getting this exposure to these animals. She had a blast!

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That's the kind of dog I want--a chocolate lab. I think it's so important to get kids comfortable with animals at a young age.
Another Dreamer said…
Awwwww. I agree with Lollipop. Exposure while they're younger is beneficial in the long run :)
I just posted about the benefits animals have for people. I believe that humans have a great connection with animals.
Candice said…
I always said if I ever got a chocolate lab I would name it Cadbury or Hershey.
Erika said…
This was such a great experience for both the dog and Willow. Both need the exposure to the other to be balanced. So great!
Kristin said…
It sounds like y'all had a wonderful time. And, what a wonderful dog.
FattyPants said…
Awww those are so cute. What a great dog.
WiseGuy said…
Willow must have had such a rocking time! So glad that she is getting exposure to all of these!
tmt5 said…
Happy Easter Delenn. There were two dogs at our Easter party today. One of them was a yellow lab. K really likes dogs too. Love all the new pictures of Willow. What a cutie. Turns out I have a google blogger account too so I won't be commenting as Jeffrey anymore.
We have 2 yellow labs and they are the BEST with kids! I think my son thinks he is a lab!

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