First First Birthday Present...

Since a lot of our family and friends are out of state, we tend to get a trickle of presents shipped to us during holidays/birthdays.

We got our first presents for Willow this week, from her "Aunt" Marcy and "Uncle" Mark. They sent these books (which I will be wrapping for Willow to open on her day).

Willow modeled her other present yesterday:

Its a nice three piece outfit, perfect for Spring. (She tended to like the jacket off so she could look at it).

Lately, I only have a few minutes with the camera out before she tries to grab it.

Its her first Seasame Street character! (Its her first anything character!) Hmmm...Elmo was the new one when Michael was born--I remember at 6:40 a.m. EVERY weekday morning for about a year--we had to turn to Seasame Street so he could watch Elmo's World. It will be neat to see if Willow bonds with Abby in the same way.


Katie said…
Awww, she looks so cute!
Fertilized said…
That's a really cute outift.

She is adorable.
Martha said…
So beautiful! Happy Birthday to Willow!
So exciting! What a cute outfit!
serenity said…
I was going to ask, actually. Abby? Who is she? Thank you for answering that question for me. :P

Happy Birthday to Willow!! Man, I can't believe it's been a year already. Geez.
Cibele said…
loved it! you look adorable Willow
rachelbk said…
Uh oh, don't tell Farty that Willow's getting early b-day gifts, or he'll be demanding his too!
Very cute outfit! She is a little princess!

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