Saturday, October 20, 2007

Size of an African Country - Updated..

My Friday off was very productive--if one wants to get sick. I got a staph infection (who knew a scratch on the leg could do that). So I spent today at the doctor's and the hospital (baby is fine) AND having the Halloween party.

I have to go to a follow up appointment on Monday morning to make sure the antibiotic is working (They drew a line around the infection in marker--it looks like a country in Africa).

The party itself went without many hitches--husband did great, Uncle Will and his fiance Heather and Uncle John helped out.

All for now...I have to stay off my leg (which hurts like a bit*ch, by the way).


And it continues. At my appointment today, expected my doc to say "yes, its clearing up, look at you, not limping, etc." (which is true, btw). But, instead, she mentioned how she wants to make sure the anti-biotic is okay for the baby, wants to be extra cautious---and I am at home at least until Wednesday. I guess I should be happy she wants to be extra cautious for the baby's sake...however, she actually made me more scared for the baby because of how she said this....

BTW, its officially celluitis (don't click if you are squimish).


Anyhow--I am at home, trying to stay off my leg, and worrying like crazy about Tadpole. (AND the house looks like a hurricane hit--the Halloween party--which DRIVES me crazy as I am a neat freak!!!) Husband is being great--but he is only able to do so much (he generally can't see dirt until it smothers him).

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