Sunday, July 09, 2017

Unexpected connections

 The request for a playdate with a co-worker' s child meant a lengthy car ride and an unexpected unplanned day.  There was the normal uncomfortableness of meeting new people (or for Chewy, seeing his co-worker in a different setting)...and we had brought Michael, who, in typical teen fashion was about done with this meeting thing after about 10 mins.  (Sometimes I think adults should not prolong their small talk suffering either...maybe there is a rule?)

The couple were nice, the girls got along, and there are grounds for shared geek/nerdy cultural exchanges.  But.  It was uncomfortable.  We left  Willow there...and our original plans of having them bring her home, dashed...we went out for lunch.

To a wonderful place we had not gone to in years...and we had some yummy good!

Knowing that we were now committed to being in the area for a while...what errand could we run?  Ahhh...haircuts!

And on a whim, I decided to do something I only do once or sometimes maybe twice a year....I got my hair done in style (coloring and highlights).  Now, normally I don't do this for many reasons, but mostly...time and money.  It was gonna take 1.5 hours she said.  Luckily, there was a video game arcade nearby that we had spotted.  Resisting my urge to go there with the guys...they got their trims and left for the arcade.

And then my day turned even more pleasant.  The woman who was going to be doing my hair for the next two hours (it was not three, Chewy), was into all sorts of things that we are into.  We had a wonderful conversation, and at the end, I almost wanted to hug her (I didn't).

Here is a bad picture of my hair (I like it, so does Chewy):

This is this morning, I have brushed out all the styling she did.  It looks nice, really!  (I am still not a good selfie person yet)

We thought it was funny that Michael had clips in his picture taken!

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St Elsewhere said...

I am so glad your day turned out great...better because it was unexpected.

Cheers to meeting awesome people.