Full Tilt - Update

Sometimes my life feels like I am a part of this string of run on sentences....kinda like this song...graduation.birthday.hospicecare.andeveryday.work.and.work.and.refinance.drivingschool.and.find.romance.friends.divorcing.we.will.listen.daughter.thinking.deeply.and.not.sleeping.senioritis.andsummercamps....

Lots of things going on...which I may write about eventually...
Random things Willow asks when I am dropping her off at school (2-3 mins tops in line of cars):
  • What is a collar bone?  Why is it called a collar bone?
  • Why do Christians believe in Jesus but Jews do not?  Wasn't Jesus Jewish?
  • How do babies get food in their mom's tummy?
  • So, if we are friends with a country, their friends are our friends?
  • Why do we not get along with Russia?
Soon to me a series!


No time to write, but time for ice cream!


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