Thursday, September 01, 2016

Really Relaxing...

It has been a really relaxing vacation. Everything has went smoothly and we have had nice weather (except for a rainy day today).  Everything has just been so nice and it has been a great way to say good bye to more full day...then back home and getting ready for work and the new school year!
Michael went on his own in Provincetown.  Most of the time, he has shown how mature he has become...until the sibling rivalry rears it head in the back seat or in the shared bedroom at the condo...

Willow has started to show an interest in shopping, going into every shop, and noticing all the pretty clothes, etc.


Summary of what we did:

Sunday - hung out at the pool and had seafood and local stuff

Monday - Wellfleet/Eastham, including drive-in, Red Barn Pizza and mini-golf

Tuesday - Free Tour of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (We got to see Alvin!) and Clambake at Seacrest Hotel on Silver Beach in Falmouth (Wonderful sunset and great food!)

Wednesday - Provincetown!  Private beach time, shopping, Lobster Pot (great salad dressing..) Michael on his own, Willow going into full shopping mode!

Thursday - Rainy day--went to Falmouth town center and hung out, had cupcakes at Cupcake Charlies and then went to a cinema pub in Falmouth to watch a movie

Friday - Pirate Coves Mini-Golf, Wellfleet/Eastham again for more nice pizza and arcade games; then curried scallops for me!  Dairy Queen

Babylon 5 episodes; swimming pool; cupcakes; Mashpee commons; hanging out; card games with Willow; Michael phrases and relaxing in a rocking chair.  (Willow finding Disney pre-teen/teen shows--ugh!)

It was a wonderful time and I am very happy. 

Eating cupcakes on a Rainy Day


Yummy salad with yummier salad dressings!

Flying a kite in Provincetown

Ben & Jerry's Face!  Chocolate Therapy

Clambake at the Seacrest in Falmouth

Sunset at Silver Beach (Clambake)

Alvin--at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Woods Hole

Drive-In in Wellfleet

Mini-Golf at the Red Barn

Art at Highfield Hall

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