#Microblog Monday - Trek!

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Chewy and I went to see the new Star Trek movie together.  It was really really good!

As the titles started, my husband whispered to me "You know the first time we went to a Star Trek movie together? 1991"

Wow.  Star Trek brought us together--and it still is around and kicking...and so are we!

[We met at a Star Trek club in college...yep, science fiction geek when it was not even trendy!]


MrsSpock said…
We are seeing it in a week. We, too, bonded over our love of sci fi. We once stayed up all night to watch every episode of Firefly. We have a yearly Star Trek marathon party. I wish you guys were closer so you could join us!
Mali said…
I've seen a couple of good reviews now, so will see it with my husband (more of a sci fi geek than me) soon. I do have a real dislike of Captain Kirk (both versions) but usually get over it enough to enjoy the films!
cynk said…
It's great you can still enjoy that which brought you together.
I haven't gotten a movie night yet to see the newest one. Was it hard when Anton Yelchin was on the screen?
I thought it looked good. It might be one of the few movies my husband will go to. Thanks for the review and for sharing the ridiculously sweet memory!
Delenn said…
It was a bit hard to watch Anton Yelchin, the first few times he was onscreen, I really was bummed. But then, I took the attitude that wasn't it so great that I could see him this one last time...and I just enjoyed it.

There were a few times when I cried...they did a good job remembering Leonard Nimoy and everyone else from the original Star Trek...and the film is dedicated to both Nimoy and Yelchin.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Delenn, I kinda thought it was a bit umm... meh? BTW I don't have a blogspot ID, but you know who I am. Hope you and Chewie are doing well. Things are ok back here in MI.

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