Thursday, April 14, 2016

Not My Story to Tell...

I barely knew him.  I knew him from stories, I knew him from the brief encounters I had with him.

I did not really know him at all.  I wish I had gotten to know him.  I have ideas of what type of Father-In-Law he would have been...there was so little time that he was my Father-In-Law...I have even vague ideas on what type of Grandfather he would have made...but...there are no stories to tell.

Because, he left too soon.  And part of my husband's heart went with him.  It is not my story to tell.  (I wish it was)

It would have been his 72nd Birthday today.  He died when he was 51.

My son is linked to him by name and so much more.

We miss what we have not had.  My husband lost more than we know.


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