Monday, August 24, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Clinging to Summer...

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Well, there is no more denying it...the end of summer is upon us.  I have gotten most of Willow's school supplies and need to go through her clothing for the inevitable back to school updates/additions.

Last week I got Michael's "materials list" -- you become a junior in high school and the school supply list gets a new name!  (Oh, and we got his accommodations letter for PSATs and SATs...sigh...)

But...this weekend, we spent time enjoying summer...because it is still summer yet, damn it!!

We went to Cape Cod for a long weekend and it was so relaxing and fun.  We stayed here.  We were very impressed and hope to stay there again next year.  It was right on top of some of our favorite things, so we enjoyed beach time and pool time and some wonderful food too!

The weather was a bit gray at times, but it was perfect for us and we were able to get our little list of favorite things done in our three day mini-vacation!

Friday evening--time for a well deserved MudSlide!

This was very yummy--curried scallops!
That evening--beach preview.

Michael used his arcade tickets well!

Father and son walk on the beach--dad is carrying rocks that Willow found along the walk...she is in the distance...still gathering rocks and stones.

Some rocks that did not make the cut...
still looking for pretty stones, shells
Mini-golf on Sunday

Lots of lobster was eaten.  With Dignity...always Dignity!

The motel had a nice play set and an outdoor pool!

Not all food we craved was seafood!  Yum!

Until next year!!


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