Sunday, July 05, 2015

Cape Cod 2015

It wasn't perfect (weather was tricky the first couple of days, almost got killed on the highway when my trunk opened unexpectedly, our first hotel room was impossible for us to stay in, teen angst, etc...)...but our vacation on Cape Cod did indeed pick up and there were some wonderful highlights...

as usual, it was over too fast--and on top of it all, add an unusual July 4th and Chewy's birthday today (July 5th) and Chewy's mother leaving to go back to Michigan after her visiting...we are a bit bittersweet feeling today.

But, we have our memories to look back on!

On a beach in Hyannis--waiting for the weather to be better!

Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors Center.

At Red Barn Pizza in Eastham.

Beach time in Eastham!

Looking at art in Provincetown!

Hanging out with Nonnie in Provincetown.

Finding snails, shrimp and hermit crabs in Provincetown.

Singing to a snail.

Highfield Hall in Falmouth had Fairy Houses!

This fairy house in a tree and has little lobster traps!

Willow looking picture perfect.

Willow and Nonnie looking at a fairy house.



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