Monday, June 01, 2015

#MicroblogMonday - "Super Mom"

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Accomplishments this weekend -- helping Michael use Nail Polish Remover to remove paint off an old plastic model.

Michael then did the harder part, he took this model apart, removed the paint, then re-painted and reassembled--this is the finished product.

(Who knew that I would use Nail Polish Remover so much after I was an adult and was not forced to wear nail polish--I wait, I am forced occasionally to wear nail polish by my 7 year old!)

Helping Willow with her "popcorn biography" project for her 1st Grade Class (I helped glue the hair):

Its Christa McAullife - spitting image!

The "Super Mom" part came that night--when we had to figure out how to put popped popcorn into the brown paper bag that she is glued a way that the popped corn would not ruin it.  (I thought all I had to do was have her bring in a microwave bag to be popped, but last night (past her bedtime) she informed me that they needed the popcorn already popped!  So, a grocery bag jammed into the small brown bag, cooled popcorn...and a tired mommy (not so tired 7 year old--needs to go to sleep earlier!)


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Lollipop Goldstein said...

That is super mum. Two projects well completed. And I'm totally coveting his Superman.