Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Ending with a Bang!

Willow has finally started to settle into camp.  Yesterday, their field trip was to Canobie Lake Park…and the Adventure!Willow I know and love came out.  She explained all the rides she went on, how she went in a helicopter ride, went on one of the water roller coasters and got totally drenched.  She was beaming and excited, she was so blissfully, utterly a child.  I wish I had been able to see her doing this (but isn’t that the bummer part of being a parent, you often don’t get to see how your children shine with other people/groups).  Next week is her last week of camp—they are going to the Museum of Science for their last field trip…sort of a precursor to school, I suppose. 

Michael has LOVED video game creation camp.  He has been working on his own game, which is his homage to Universal Monsters—he has a Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, wolves, etc.  From what I have seen, very clever  traps too.  He has mentioned more than once that he definitely wants to come back to this camp next year (we only did this one for a week to try it out).  To see him happy and smiling this summer has been such a wonderful thing. 
Tom is here!  With gifts and games, he already has put Willow to bed and started getting indoctrinated into the My Little Ponies fan base…and we are looking forward to a weekend of Dim Sum, Museum of Fine Arts and Blue Man Group!

Pictures from last weekends trip to Cape Cod:

Picture by Willow

Wellfleet Sanctuary

Fiddler crabs!

Looking for life

Fiddler crab on the hand!

Mini Golf at Red Barn!

Provincetown eating.

Having breakfast before going home.


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