Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp-it-y, Camp, Camp-it-y, Camp!

Ahhh...June...spring is FINALLY here and thoughts of the end of school.  (So weird, because in Michigan where I grew up, I was out of school by the end of May...)

Another thing that is different, of course, from my childhood....the fact that summer camps are often not OPTIONS but necessities because both parents work.

Because camps are at a premium, because my son is 15 years old, because Willow is now going to be a first time summer camper---I have most of that stuff ready and a-okay....until I realized today that school ends on June 24th.  Which means I had a 3 day gap for now, I will be filling out (luckily, it will just be her afterschool option so its not a lot of stuff).

SO...the summer looks kinda something like this:

June 24th School (finally) Ends

July 25 - 27 - Willow stays at the afterschool place for Camp (which will be held at her school--confusion sets in about NOW)

Meanwhile...Michael hangs out at home and veggies, eats us out of house and home, plays video games and watches t.v. until his eyes bug out.  (hey, good summer-as-a-teen fun)

Willow will go to her summer camp after that; Michael will go to his LARP camp after that -- for about four weeks---one of which Willow will be going just to get a taste of LARP outdoors (!)

Then Willow goes back and stays at her summer camp.  Then Michael hangs out at home again.  Then we go for a long weekend to Cape Cod (hi, we betrayed you by going somewhere else in April!)

Then Michael goes to a video game creation summer camp for a week.  (yeah, video games seems to be a theme)

At some point Tom comes to visit.

Summer ends.  [whew!]

No wonder summer goes so fast.  [sigh] Photobucket

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