Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gilligan's Island vs. Frozen; Universal Monsters vs Riff Trax

Both kids have been obsessed lately with the above mentioned subjects.  Living vicariously through your kids can mean you have the nostalgia factor going for Gilligan's Island and the Universal Monsters.

Yesterday, Willow woke up sick.  I stayed home with my little sickie girl.  She was so listless and feeling awful...only Gilligan's Island would make her feel better.  We watched every single one on our DVR (that is eight of them...not all at once!)  I have a greater appreciation for this show as an adult...which surprised me actually.

When she felt a little better in the was the (almost) daily viewing of Frozen.  She loves this movie...she loves singing the songs and she is transfixed each time.  We snuggled up (me hoping not to get what virus she has) and watched it yet again.

Michael came home from school...and the atmosphere changed.  To Frankenstein's House!  It was time to watch Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney, Jr.  and I was brought back to my teenage years again.  I loved watching this with Michael!

And then there is Riff Trax.  Almost every day, Michael ends his evening with a Riff Trax short.  It is sometimes annoying how much he wants to watch them.  But most times--it is like a nice end to the day.


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