Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meet the Kittens!

Since Gabby died, we have been thinking about getting a kitten.  It took a while to be at a place to do so.  For about three weeks now we have been looking at adoption and shelter websites.

On Sunday, Chewy found THEM.  (Yes, we only wanted one kitten, but...)

Chewy first saw Lennier and then realized that he had a sister named Delenn.  Truly, this was some good JuJu/Karma/Fate!

Sunday we went and saw them and they are very friendly!  They are from a home where there were children and cats (and their mother was named Ivanova in keeping with the Babylon5 theme).  The kids LOVED them.  They are about four months old and pretty much black, with some grey.

Tonight we picked them up and brought them home.  Luckily we will have a long weekend to help everyone acclimate.  At the moment, they are staying in Michael's room to get used to our house.  Lennier seems to a bit more brave and curious.  Delenn is a bit more shy.  Kif saw them for a few minutes--everyone had a chance to say "hey, this place is mine!"

And now...pictures:

Michael playing with Lennier.


Delenn on top, Lennier on the floor.

Lennier--we can tell because his collar has a bow tie.


Delenn - her collar has a flower on it.



Life Happens said...

They are adorable. What a cute additions to your family. I'm sure they will be SO loved. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ana said...

I love black KITTEHS!!!