Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was a different Halloween for us.  We split up -- I went with Willow to a friend's house to go Trick or Treating and Michael and Chewy went out, bought a pumpkin, carved it and watched a scary movie.

Michael is now old enough he doesn't want to go out really--but still wanted a scary mask.  Willow is prime Trick or Treating material.

I went out with her and three of her friends.  It was a bit wet (it was a bit rainy) so there were a few slips and slides, and shoes being wet.  There was a point where I told them about being the Four Musketeers so that they would hopefully try to stay together...but there was always one straggler.

At one point, someone had to go potty in the middle of the route--no where near the host family's house.  A very kind couple who had their house decked out let her go in to use their bathroom--and then let Willow and another girl also use it.

We got back to the house, had some candy and went home.  Where we got to see a pumpkin Michael carved...and we watched a Halloween show...

and now...the kids are asleep and we are going to have some candy and maybe watch something scary.



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