Friday, July 19, 2013

Willow Sick

Wednesday was like any other busy day here...until Willow started feeling a bit under the weather.  Thinking that she would feel better with a good nights sleep was hopeful...but not true.

Yesterday, I went to work in the morning while Chewy watched her for a bit.  She had a fever, she was listless and no other symptoms except headache.  Taking Michael to summer camp, she threw up in the car.  On the way to the doctor appointment, she threw up.  I took it from there--Chewy went to work and I took her to the doctor.

And our journey began.

At the doctors office.

The doctor took blood and urine.  She thought we had it pegged as an UTI.  She was worried that she was dehydrated and needed IV antibiotics, etc.  SO...

Off to the hospital we went.  Where they decided it was better to try the oral method first rather than do an IV.

When we first arrived...

Five hours later, we had a prescription for an antibiotic and a discharge...after one more drink.

Of course, the antibiotic was not available at any pharmacy...and I had to wait 45 mins. for a substitute prescription....which Willow promptly showed absolute and complete distaste for.  

Today, we went for a follow up with the doctor.  She still has an occasional fever, and the culture for the UTI came back negative.  So...we don't know what she has, we assume it is bacterial.  The doctor gave us a different antibiotic (she did not like the side effects of the substituted one) -- which Willow still DOESN"T like.  

So...lets hope the antibiotics work their hardest to kick this infections butt!


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