Thursday, September 27, 2012


Not much time for blogging, but a lot of things happening around here. My work is going well. It is a very different environment from positions I have had in the past and it is a definite promotion. Whereas before I was an Administrative Assistant/Legal Secretary, this place wants me to become a Paralegal/Admin. Meaning I have a LOT more learning to do and a LOT more responsibility. Being a small office (and smaller by one attorney as of next week) means that I am counted on even more.

I am not sure how I am with this. I am pretty fine with it, but like a lot of things in my life right now, the timing is a bit off. I was looking for a position that was challenging, for sure, but I was not really looking for a Career Track...which is what this is.

At the moment, though, I am doing very well and everyone seems pleased with my performance. I learn quickly and I am a hard worker so that helps. However...I am very exhausted and trying to get the new normal around here is taking time.

Especially since the new normal includes Chewy starting a new position on Monday. Although I haven't written about it here on this blog, Chewy was laid off from his position at the start of August. Well, officially, the department was closed and the last day is tomorrow. Tomorrow he hands in his equipment and badge, etc.

Luckily, with such advanced notice (and the genius that is Chewy), he was able to secure a new position relatively quickly. But, yes, the past few months have been a bit tense...

Meanwhile, the kids just keep trying to grow the hell up.

We found out early into the school year that the bus route was eliminated from his school--that what we had envisioned earlier, which was him being dropped off at the corner and going home after school was not going to be. We live a little over a mile away from school, and I guess the mile mark is the cut off for bus routes. 

So, after I got all the paperwork ready for him to go to an after-school program on Monday--Michael showed us his independent streak....he wants to walk home after school. On.his.own. Yes. He is thirteen. Yes, he is more than capable. Yes, there are some busy streets. Yes, as a mom I am worried and anxious and why does my little boy have to do something SO Dangerous...ahem....**

Yeah. So, today he did a "test" walk, with dad shadowing him a bit in the car. (Actually dad just met him at school, then drove home and waited for him).

Tomorrow, dad has to go to work to finish up and hand in that equipment, etc. So. Tomorrow. My son will walk home from school. And use his key to come into an empty house. And yes, he is thirteen. And I know he can do it. But, damn will he be in trouble if he doesn't call me as soon as he gets home. Every day. I mean it.

Willow...damn if she is closer to five than four years old now. Every day, she is showing me how independently she thinks and feels. She is in Pre-K now at school and she is learning to writer her name and write numbers. If you meet her, she will tell you: "Hi, my name is Willow. Willow starts with W. I have two cats. Their names are Gabby and Kif."

OH. Yeah. still missing! Over a week ago, we came home from being out and realized we hadn't seen her all day. At this point, we have searched all over the house. Being indoor cats, they really do not go outside at all...we have a busy street right in front of us. She must have gotten out. Kif misses her. We miss her. Not sure where she is...hoping she comes home soon.

**I would like to point out here that I actually walked home from school when I was in junior high school.  Like, all the time.


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