Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Plan 2011 - January Update

I blame the snow.

Pretty much all plans were changed or cancelled, postponed or otherwise ripped to itty bitty shreds (kinda like snowflakes).

That being said, I did not totally lose hope--lost sleep and time, but not hope.

In the Health/Well-being department:

Well, I kept my morning exercise routine fine, and even diversified. However, we had trouble trying to get Willow down for bed at a decent time until recently. And my husband has been working insane hours. So, that night time Wii workout--kinda tangled up like the cords behind my television. However, I did lose 5 more pounds. To gain 2 back after being stuck at home with snow and eating comfort food...so, a net loss is a good thing, so we will say "Yay!" for that goal!

"Try to tone down the stress eating--find other outlets for getting rid of stress" HA, I say HA to this goal. Maybe this month!

In the Family Life Department:

"Ultimate goal is to spend more time with family; family work as team"

Well, nothing like snowstorm after snowstorm after snowstorm to pull the family together. And all and all I have been able to spend more quality time with each child. I am winning more battles than I am losing with Willow, who is a strong willed child. (P.S. Willow--um, just cuz you say "please" 5 bajillion times doesn't mean that that I can magically make gum/candy/juice boxes appear--if we are out, we are out...) More chores and responsibilities have been implemented with pretty decent success and I am feeling pretty good about this goal too.

Still working on the damned swearing...

In general, January was a hard month. Husband is working lots of hours and we have had lots of snow days. But, I am looking forward to this month with my son's birthday and with Total Con. And hopefully the snow will stop soon. (I'm tired of living in a world of snowforts)



Anonymous said...

Oh the PLAN!

Sounds like you did well considering SnowFest 2011!

MrsSpock said...

Even a net loss of 3 lbs is better than a gain!

I am eating out more than I want, but sticking to my cash budget. I've gained 5 lbs more than I expected- but the doc and I both know it's fluid. My legs are ginormous.

Killing time...

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