The Wonders in front of me

Sometimes I totally forget the wonders in front of my eyes. This morning, for some reason, I paused and looked. My little girl, naked in front of me. Long and lank, spindley and wirey. How did she grow so big, so quick? Where is that little baby of just a few months ago? As usual, I cannot fathom how this little person came from within me.

My son comes out to wish me good bye for the day. Often, he is too busy with breakfast or with watching cartoons to really acknowledge my departure. But sometimes--sometimes he surprises me with the love he has for me, the compassion he can show and the need he has for me still. Looking at him, I see such a handsome young man blossoming. He goes back inside, and waves to me from the kitchen window.

And I am amazed, yet again, at what life can bring to me.


serenity said…
This is a gorgeous post that's SO true. I have those moments with O so often lately.

Heather said…
Who gave them permission to grow up! I see the same things here. Sigh.
Suzy said…
Your kids are just precious!
Kristin said…
What a beautiful and oh so true post. Moments like that leave me breathless.
MrsSpock said…
Ah, so true! Where did the babies go?

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