Perfect Moments Monday

Sometimes a little chaos can bring perfect moments.

Moment #1: He has a friend sleeping over. They generally end up falling asleep around 10 p.m., so it really is no hassle. Until they both come down the stairs. At 10:30 p.m.—just as my husband and I were going to play Beatles Rock Band. They have scared each other silly with ghost stories and stories of the supernatural. We talk to them, making sure there is no real issue here. There is none, they just want to be up for a bit. So. My husband and I play Beatles music (pretty well, too) while the boys play on my laptop. It was chaos controlled--and I got to spend time with my husband before we all went up to bed...

Moment #2: I hear "It's a level 10!" and I know what that means. I jump up from what I was doing (cleaning peas and carrots off the kitchen floor) and I go upstairs to start the bath. Husband deals with the icky diaper and clothes, I deal with icky toddler. She plays in a bubble bath while I finish cleaning her up. Then, she grabs washcloth. And dumps a whole bunch of water in my hair. And I let her continue to do this. Because it is fun and perfect.

More Perfect Moments Here.


MrsSpock said…
LOL. In our house, a Level 10 is a "Code Brown! Code Brown!"

It's nice to have one's family work like a well-oiled machine sometimes.
I love the bath time moment. It's so great when we can just let ourselves go and seize the moment of fun!
Martha said…
Those are both such lovely Perfect Moments, hmm, I have lots of controlled chaos around here w/two boys.
Thanks for sharing the sweetness of your family, Delenn.
Lavender Luz said…
You sounds like such a fun, spontaneous mom. I have a more difficult time with the chaos, so I always love reading your posts of turning these moments into perfections.

Thanks so much.
Kristin said…
I love the perfection of controlled chaos!

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