Friday, November 20, 2009


Sometimes we communicate with looks. Sometimes with code words. Sometimes between interruptions (mainly from our inquisitive almost 11 year old or our toddler—is she up on the kitchen table? Is that cat food she is eating?*).

Today I was looking at my messages on my cell phone. Another way we communicate. We text each other—sometimes through our computers on IM, sometimes via our phones.

When I was still unemployed and he was starting a new job—I sent him cell phone pictures of me and kids doing different activities. He took a picture of himself in his new office.

When he took the kids to Chuck E. Cheeses while I was working one of those floating “Holidays” recently, he took video of Willow playing with a playhouse steering wheel. I just looked at that video again and felt the love of my husband not only for my daughter, but for me.

While I sometimes feel that I don’t have enough “just us” time, I never feel like we are not in communication.

*Last night she put a pea up her nose. She sneezed it out. [Husband panic'd (he started going for the turkey baster), I was annoyed (couldn't find the nose splunger thingee), son was helpful--"she imitates us, why don't we all pretend to blow our noses"]


Katie said...

That's sweet. Most people don't say that kind of thing about their husband, especially after 11 years together :)

romancing_the_stone said...

So cute. I think I might need to put some peas up my nose just to cheer myself up sometime! Big hug! M

Photogrl said...

What a sweet post!

I'm glad the pea came out on it's on!

Laura said...

So many things that seem easy to take for granted are in fact great moments if you really see them. Too many people walk around looking down at their own feet and not seeing much else.

I laughed about the pea story. My niece did the same thing a couple of years ago when I was babysitting. Her brother had the same idea about getting her to sneeze. But the pea slipped out in her own snot, without any help. I was laughing. I'm the oldest of four kids and the family babysitter for at least one generation, not much doesn't make me laugh now. :)

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