Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick - Updated

So, all this winter I have read posts from various people on how sick their infants are. Each time, I was happy that we were so fortunate, and I thought to myself--I would rather be sick than have my kids be sick. So, it shouldn't surprise me that I am sick. Possibly my last week of work (its open ended when I will be done with my obligation) and I have been gone home sick two days so far. All the familiar stuff--I think its the flu (guess who did not have a chance to get a flu shot, while the rest of the family did??)

UPDATE: I guess I spoke too soon--Michael is now sick too. I am a bit more paranoid right now because recently a 12 year old boy died of the flu around here. So, I could have struggled again today at work, but I choose to take the day off--I wanna take care of my boy.

The good news, I wasn't sick during the gaming convention. We had a fun time and I think it was a good break for everyone. I enjoyed playing a role playing game and I also got to go in the pool with the kids a few times. Willow and Michael behaved very well, and Uncle John was there to help out. I was even able to get Willow a little cuddy Cthullu of her own!


Fertilized said...

you are sick. My husband is very jealous that your husband and you go to gaming conventions. My husband plays computer games (WOW for like 5-6 yrs)

Christy said...

I'm glad you had a great time at the convention, but sorry to hear that you are sick now. I hope you feel better soon!

Cibele said...

sorry to hear that, I hope you guys get better soon

Kate said...

Blah! Hope you feel better soon!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Hope you all get better soon!

Artblog said...

What I hate more is when people comment at how "your kids are never ill, that'sz so good", then they get ill! I have two sick babies at home at the moment, if you include me and Mr A. that makes 4 :(

Get better soon.