Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ketchup Incident

Okay, my hormones are very tricky.   When I figured they would be in overdrive--like when I was on the fertility drugs--I was pretty calm.  Being pregnant, I figured - "Hey, I have rode this rollercoaster before and (other than wicked PostPartum Depression) I was cool--should be an easy ride."  (Note, I have not consulted my other half to find out if I was indeed a hormonal pregnant woman last time around--what does he know, right?!?) 

I think those hormones were just waiting around during the IVF follies, and now they are raring to go!  For example:

I bought 2 bottles of Heinz One Carb ketchup last week. I am the only one who uses this ketchup--I actually like it, and it makes me feel like I am not using useless carbs/sugars. I put one in the fridge. (I mention the specialness of the ketchup, because, damn it...I really should have been upset with what happen next...I mean, its MY somewhat more expensive ketchup...right!?!) Last weekend I took out my lunch from the fridge, and the ketchup fell out and BURST open (the plastic completely and utterly cracked open). Ketchup was everywhere. I mean, it looked like a crime scene. And, in front of my husband and 8 year old son, I totally utterly lost it.   I was crying like my best friend had died.  I just could not stopping crying--and I mean the type of crying where you can't catch a breath!  Over ketchup!!! 

Looking back--it was funny.  Really.   


Baby Deux! said...

Oh sister! I cried because I made bacon but then ended up falling asleep with our son while trying to get him to take a nap and when I got up I discovered my hubby ate it all thinking it was just left over. I was bawling and carrying on yelling that "All I wanted was an BLT sandwich!"

Hormones...they are a biznatch!

Waiting Amy said...

Oh Yeah, that is FUNNY. Ha ha ha.

Sorry your hormones are all up in your bizness. Hope the other bottle is okay?

Ana said...

girlfriend that's hilarious. glad you had another bottle. I have to say though... you are the ONLY person I know that likes that stuff. I'll take the salt and sugar in my condiment.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh - I know that 'can't win' feeling! I'm here for blogger bingo - I laughed at this b/c I've been that girl crying in the kitchen (b/c of infertility rather than pregnancy) b/c something so silly went so terribly wrong...

What can you do??? ;0)