Thursday, July 05, 2007

The date's the thing...

Two years ago today, my Grammie died. Thirty-seven years ago today, my husband was born. Interesting how dates become markers of not only passage of time but of people and feelings.

My Grammie was won of the most influential people in my early life. My husband is one of the most influential people in my adult life.

GRAMMIE: She was quiet and reserved, kind and thoughtful. She had a sense of humor, but more one to appreciate a good joke than make one. She knew what was important in life--enjoying the here and now, including good food, good music. She loved the outdoors. My appreciation of all things in nature and the beauty of a beach, a tree, an animal in the woods...that is from her. My appreciation for a good book, one that takes you away from everything, would not be but for her. She was a doting Grandma, giving me, her only grand-daughter, anything I wished, but so much more than material things did I get from her. She was my mother in so many things. She taught me how to appreciate life and how to be happy for the things I have.

I miss her greatly, and I regret that the last few years of her life were not spent the way she would have liked them--in a rural cottage on a lake, enjoying the water and the wind and the trees.

HUSBAND: Meeting him was the best thing in my life. In college, when I was just starting to separate myself from my family, from my childhood. He was humorous and fun. Always quick witted and with a sparkle in his soft brown eyes. He sees the fun and interesting things in life. He likes to KNOW everything, and if he doesn't know about it, he will find out--whether its about science, science fiction, scientology, SCI, etc. He is always there for me and is always willing to help out a friend. He is a geek, a computer nerd and proud of it--as I am of him.

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