Friday, March 09, 2007

R.I.P. Delenn

This morning we were saddened to see one of our chinchilla's had died. Delenn was the daughter of Claudius and Leeloo. Claudius is still with us (the old man); Leeloo died of pneumonia a few years ago. Delenn did not seem to suffer, and in fact, up till a few days ago, seemed fine. Last night we noticed she was not running/hopping about like normal. She just wanted to stay in her cage, resting. Claudius bounced into her cage and nuzzled her. Brad held her for a bit, but she just seemed listless. No visible signs of sickness. Then, this morning, I was worried about her, and checking in on them, found her lying on her side. She had died probably just a few hours before.

Delenn was a wonderfully curious chinchilla. A happy accident and definately one of the gifts Leeloo, who was always sickly, gave us. When Delenn was a baby, she would squeeze out of the cage and follow the baseboard heating system around our second floor. She would pop up in the various closets in the house. We finally put her in a mouse cage for a little while, until she got bigger. Whenever one of the chinchillas escaped, it was usually Delenn. Delenn knew she was the darling, and often was able to get three or four more raisins out of us. Michael loved both Delenn and Claudius, and both of them were patient with a small child. As he grew up, Michael became quite the "Chinchilla Wrangler" and both Delenn and Claudius liked having Michael build them a little "Chinchilla city" of blocks, etc.

We will miss you Delenn.

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Ana said...

Sorry guys... she was a cutie!!