Thursday, November 18, 2004

Predjudice Rarely Survives Experience

"Predjudice Rarely Survives Experience" as seen on a Bumper Sticker this afternoon. Thought it was very appropriate for this day, the year anniversary of the Mass. law accepting Gay Marriage. Happy Anniversary!

I wish I could say that it was not a big deal, cuz in so many ways who one marries is not and should not be a topic for discussion. You love who you love. However, it seems predjudice runs deeply in this country, as the recent election shows. I hope all predjudice people have a chance to "experience" how gay marriage affects them and their relationship to their god and their lives. How it directy hurts their chances of getting health care and social services. In the end, marriage is a HUMAN right, and should be acknowledged as one.

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