Sunday, December 08, 2013

Weekend Morning Time

Wake up early than wanted to; head back to bed.

Read a bit, interrupted by a black fuzz ball.  She wants to snuggle up.  I pet her and she purrs.  I put the book down and drift off to sleep as she snuggles up to my chin.


A feeling of paws with small claws on my hand.  She has pounced on my hand and wants to play.  I halfheartedly play and tickle her, drowsy but enjoying the time with the littlest kitten.  She bites and plays with her paws--little pin pricks, no harm done.  She starts to snuggle again.


"At, a, and, the, like, is..." (am I dreaming this voice?)

"See, mommy, I can read my [sight words] list!"

The little kitten is still snuggling, I pull up the child next to me too.  She snuggles between me and my husband.  She says she has been downstairs on her own going over and over her sight words. I am very proud---and also in REM sleep.  I wish I could press SNOOZE on her cute head.

She snuggles and plays with the kitten until the kitten leaves--to play with her brother and await FOOD.

My daughter lays next to me and I hope she wants to go back to sleep for just a little.  She doesn't.  I struggle to awaken, and find that she is talking to me while sticking her thumb in her mouth.  I kiddingly take her thumb out, saying "no thumb!"  To my chagrin--this becomes a game: me taking her thumb out, her struggling to put it in.  She giggles.

I sigh.  And get up.

Going downstairs with her.  Cats awaiting in the kitchen, time for food.  Time for the day to begin. Photobucket

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