Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Program!

The usual hectic holiday stuff has kept me from blogging...just been so much to do and enjoy--for some reason this holiday season has seemed shortened...with the beginning of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and then the count down to Christmas...

Willow has, of course, been enjoying the heck out of the holidays, and we have been enjoying watching our holiday favorites and doing all sorts of fun things!

Yesterday, Willow had her Holiday Program - some photos:

Before school...all dressed and ready!

This little light of mine!

Peace to you!

She did a very good job!  At school they also made Gingerbread houses!

Now, the kids have had their last day of school for a while--Winter Break is upon us!  For my birthday, one of the lawyers I work for gave me two tickets to the Nutcracker--so Willow and I will be looking forward to that next weekend!

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