Friday, December 06, 2013

Kittie Update

Delenn lying down in background, Lennier in foreground.

It is a bit hectic around here, especially with the holiday convergence and the many activities and events.  We of course knew we were adding to the chaos buy adopting the kittens--but they are well loved and we could tell, despite some minor reservations, that this was a great fit for our family.

So far, everyone has their place too.

We have Lennier--the spunky kid brother to Kif.  They have become pals and playmates, although sometimes Lennier can annoy Kif (who then just jumps up high on the big freezer away from all). It reminds us how Gabby and Kif used to play.  They even lay together on the ottoman the same way that Gabrielle and Kif used to.   Michael believes "Lenny" is his cat and often picks him up and hugs him, saying "Lennnny!"
Lennier is the greedy one when it comes to food--he jumps up onto the counter while we are making the bowls up--he has already broken the cute pink bowl we had for Delenn....always makes us think of Paul, who said our cats were "Piggies with fur".

Delenn is the quiet mischievous one. She likes to hide under Willow's bed or in the shower stall downstairs.  She also is the reason why we are currently making sure all toilet seats are down and closed--because I once found her precariously sitting on the toilet seat, ready to have a impromptu bath!  She loves to play tag with her brother.  She and Kif are still weary of each other, although I saw Kif licking Delenn's face the other day.

Kif--he is being a good sport through this all.  I think he enjoys having the other cats around. He almost seems amused at some of their antics.  He even is fine with Lennier trying to steal his food! 

They often gather about in the same spot, obviously comfortable with each other. The other morning Chewy and I were greeted by three cats jumping onto our bed, which was a wonderful way to wake up!

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