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Transitions/Birthday Partys

Still working on our new normals here.

Husband is still working out the commute and working in Boston (its been a while). He got to hear and see the Boston marathon go past his building; he has gone down 9 flights of stairs for a fire alarm. The subway can be relaxing, but also crowded. The job itself is so far a good fit for him; but the bureaucracy in getting him set up with health care/pay has been annoying.

We are still dealing with our routines around his schedule, and then we had a visitor last week...Grandma came for a week. Which was nice for the kids, but still disruptive to our schedules that are already kind of in disarray.

Michael had been sick the week before (another disruption) and last week was school vacation week. He had fun hanging out with Grandma most of the week and I took off last Friday so that we could all enjoy a movie (Rio--which was good) and visit my nieces (5 months old tomorrow!).

Willow is still transitioning to preschool. This morning was the first m…

See? It's not so bad...

It's very Cyndi Lauper!

And now I have another cliche down!

I have some excuses. I was tired. It was the end of a long weekend. The children were almost on the verge of the bedtime routine. My mother was visiting and this was her last night before leaving so I was trying to be a good host to her. Husband was working on his laptop with his headphones on; children were in the other room.

And I mistakenly thought my normally responsible twelve year old would know better than to put homemade Gooey Geyser Goo * on top of his head…as his sister (who is a total mimic) watches…

Ah…yes…the screaming of a toddler when you try to wash glue out of her hair!! Priceless…I am glad I have lots of pictures of her third birthday party—cuz I had to chop a few chunks of hair out last night….

I blame Dora…

*See, I was so proud that I had made this stuff for her party--karma had to just show me who was the boss...

(the boy fared much better...just a few bits in his hair...and NOW he knows that glue and gum do not belong in hair!)

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. For more Perfect Moments, go HERE

Moment #1: He is up; I can hear him moving. It is Friday of school vacation and I am taking the day off to be with him and his sister (and visiting grandma). I lay in bed, trying to grab a few more moments of sleep before the fun/exhausting day will begin. I drift…and then General Grievous is over me with a light saber! (Oh, wait; it’s just my son waking me up in his unique way)

Moment #2: I wrote her birthday post a few days ago, scheduled it to post at 7 a.m. on her birthday. It is the day after her party, it is her official birthday. And she has come into our bed early this morning and is snuggling up, sleeping next to me. But I know it is after seven and I want to make sure her birthday post posted. I grab my tablet and silently check while she sleeps. (Dad has went downstairs with the boy, …

Happy Third Birthday

Three years ago I met you.

You, my medical miracle, my daughter, my last child. You completed our family. I am unsure what my life would be without you in it, but I know it would be diminished.

I am proud of you in so many ways. I am proud of the journey that we took to conceive you. I am proud of how you sing songs to stuffed elephants.

You have grown so much, my little pumpkin. Your vocabulary is ever expanding, you are holding conversations with those around you, often making sure your opinion is heard above all others. You have a crush on the boy next door. You love and admire your big brother. Your expressive face gives me a peek into your thoughts--but just as I think I understand you, I find myself at the other end of a melt down.

You exhaust me, frustrate me, compel me to be better. You run and jump and sing and have long conversations with toys in the bathtub. Your imagination is blossoming as you are taking in all around you. You like dolls and babies, but have expanded your h…

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. For more Perfect Moments, go HERE

Moment #1: She loves wearing it. I could not take it off of her. A friend's daughter gave it to us and now the sparkling annoying thing is on her. And she is bouncing on my bed, looking at it in the mirror. I find it irritating and too white and sparkly and definitely not warm enough for the cool spring air. I also see how she loves it. And she stops bouncing and moves her arm gracefully in a perfect ballet move that I have no idea where she has gotten it from. The costume stays on her throughout the night. She sleeps in it. In the morning, I take it off of her, I wash it (hand wash only) and carefully air dry it. The next day it is on her again. And while I make sure she puts clothes over it when we go out on yet another cool spring day...I have to say...the costume suits her fine.


Down Time

Michael was sick this week. And since Hubs just started a new job, I had to take the hit. Several of them. Combined with the snow days that I had to take, various time off I have had to take...well, my days off are pretty damned limited now. And I am not too happy about that. (Especially since I am going to ask for next Friday off because of my mom visiting and me wanting to actually have a vacation day to spend with her and my kids...)

I was so not happy with it that I tried the old working parent deception. You know, the one that meant that on Wednesday I sent my kid into school armed with Ibuprofen in his system, hoping he could at least eek out 1/2 a day so that I could get to work? You know, that one. That failed miserably, within a half hour of him entering the school. Luckily, Hubs took that hit for that day. Which means I then had to take the hit the next day, because the school nurse said Michael had to be 24 hours without a fever (and they had just checked him at school so th…

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. For more Perfect Moments, go HERE

Moment #1: We are at a restaurant on a whim, waiting for dad to finish an errand. She sits next to me and there is music playing. I start to sway back and forth to the music and she and I are synchronized and bop back and forth in the booth. I get a glimpse of mother/daughter times to come and I am excited and thrilled to be making this connection to her.

Moment #2: We have finished a movie with the kids and are now at our friends' house and enjoying talking to each other outdoors. The kids run around for a bit. Then he wants to go inside (he is longing to play on the various videogame systems in the house). We are able to convince him to "enjoy" the new Spring weather...although he grumbles in that typical pre-teen/almost teen fashion. I leave his huff to talk to my friend and mo…

Still with the Anxiety, but there is change...

The first week of the new normal is almost over and while there is still anxiety over the hows and whys of routines, we are working them through.

Husband is looking spiffy with his new teeth and some new clothes. He is still getting used to riding the "T" (the subway for those not from the Boston area). And since he is trying to impress, he is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave...which means that I am pretty much Single Parent most evenings. He is still healing on the teeth part, so soft foods are pretty much the order of the day. He likes his new job so far.

Willow is having some transitional issues before and after Preschool. She often tries to rationalize to us that she is actually "not a big girl" but a little girl (meaning that she is not ready to grow up and go to Preschool). She misses her daycare provider deeply, and trying to comfort her in a way that is positive is often a challenge.

There were many reasons we needed her to move on to …

Perfect Moment Monday - Snippets

Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between. For more Perfect Moments, go HERE

Trying to keep memories, grasp at them while I can...

The softness of the bed, the guest bath towels. The chill of the pool, the light salt taste on my mouth, floating sensation and movement, warm pool tools. Strong shower, hot and pounding, soap molded into a green leaf. Sunset over a city I am familar with, but yet not as much as I want to be; cars and lights and people. Wasabi--a bit too much; warmth of plum wine down my throat, ease of conversation. Night and the lights of the city enter into our room. We both decide to leave the shades open (we are on the 27th floor afterall). City is beautiful and busy and we are warm and soft and relaxed. A movie, room service chocolate brought on a tray. Pretty, decandant, perfect. Melting into softness of the bed and covers next to him. Warm chocolat…

Matter of Perspective

Last night I had someone ask me how many kids I had and their ages. Probably because I was tired and relaxed, in a strange place without the kids, or the fact I had just finished a big glass of plum wine...I gave their ages as 12 and 8 years old. I immediately corrected myself and, pleasantries done, we went on to the matter at hand (room service, YUM--more on that next post).

This morning as I lay in bed enjoying the non-wake up calls of my children, I pondered upon that mistake. Why did I say 12 and 8? Probably because our original plan would have had the kids be closer in age, and my ideal age gap would have been 4 years apart. Yet again the age gap question that lurks in the deepest corners of my subconscious. This time, however, I started realizing that I actually was happy the length in age, for I am starting to see Michael grow out of childhood and into teenage/young adulthood. And there is Willow, just on the cusp of all the things I really love about childhood. So, whil…

Note to Daycare Provider...

Hubs wrote this:

(Sorry, can't seem to make it bigger)

Today is Willow's last day at family daycare. She has made visits to Preschool and will be starting there on Monday. I bought Hoodsies and a thank you card with gift to her family daycare provider...but I thought my husband did one better than all that...he gave of his heart.

Willow has been with this home care provider since she was 5 months old. She has been there through my lay-off (part time) and through various stages of her development (she is leaving with potty training in full swing). I can tell you her love of babies can be directly related to the time in this care. And I know they will both miss each other. (And yes, I will try to make time for some visits!)