Sunday, February 06, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday - Weekend

Moments from an average weekend:

Moments #1 & 2: He comes into our bed (it is 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday). He snuggles for a bit, but after a while it is obvious by his squirminess that he is up. I lay there surprised by the fact that his toes are wiggling at my ankles (how has he gotten so tall?). I enjoy an all around embrace from him and from my husband and we share this snuggle before the day (I am hoping to get more sleep however). Finally, he gets up. And I tell him to go read his book he is supposed to be reading for school. Husband and I try to lay back down and snuggle (I have bought us 1/2 hour more sleep). As we lay there, we hear shuffling and movement. Our cats are up and trying to get our attention so we will feed them. They run across our room. They stalk each other, as they climb onto our furniture, often pushing off various items, large and small, each crash or thud we cringe but try to keep asleep. After a huge crash of items fall down, my husband starts to get up, but I stop him--I am enjoying this time together and I ask that we ignore them for just a little longer. We snuggle, with his head upon my chest. And then the cats get all Snoopy-like-a-vulture. Gabby looking directly at us above our heads; Kif up on the amoire where he made such a loud noise just a few moments earlier. Staring directly at us. We don't budge. So then they play-fight right in front of us. Until one of them passes gas. Okay, okay--we are up! (As our son comes in after 15 minutes to tell us he hasn't been reading his book)

Moment #3: Girls night out, just my friend and I. We do this once a month, and we are both looking forward to it. So when the traffic causes us problems...we do not postpone or cancel. No, we call each other on our cell phones and we come up with another plan. Her plan is simple. She goes south on this particular road; I go north. We meet in the middle to go to whatever restaurant seems to be decent. Every so often, we call each other to talk of progress, the neighborhoods we are going through, our lives. She finds the place first (she had to drive further this time--I was stuck in a larger traffic jam). She describes it and I am not too hopeful, but I don't care, because we are going to have a good time anyways. Finally, thanks to our cell phones and GPS's we meet. And the restaurant is a great find--and we enjoy the time together.

Moment #4: She is wearing underwear, her first pair ever. A reward for going in the potty chair six times this weekend. It is the end of the night, but I am willing to let the day go a bit longer so that she can enjoy her new items (underwear AND new shoes--oh she is such a girly girl!) As I take a picture with my cell phone, I find it blurry and not that good. I debate about taking another--to find my husband pointing at the floor...yep, our first underwear accident has occurred! And it doesn't phase me (unfortunately, doesn't phase her too much either). A little later and its time for bed. Not wanting to fight (or fight the sudden momentum we have in potty training) she is wearing a second pair of underwear over her diaper tonight.



Lavender Luz said...

The cat story has me laughing out loud!

Good compromise with the undies-over-the-diaper trick ;-)

Jamie said...

Ahhh . . . don't you just love kitties? And snuggling, of course1