Saturday, February 19, 2011


It is 6:30 a.m., my warmth is being compromised, my neck hurts. I realize that he has come into our bed (within the last 10 mins). Long and lanky and I snuggle up with him, realizing this weekend he will gain another year and I will lose another year.

Father and son get up eventually, leaving me in bed to sleep in. Unlike normal Saturdays, I do not set an alarm. I have anxiety dreams, and restlessly sleep. I wake up to the clock reading "11:00 a.m.!!!" and then rub my eyes and it really is 8:30.

Down the stairs to familiar cartoon sounds and the new routine of potty training...meaning a toddler is running naked around the house half the time...sometimes by choice.

Scary Spongebob tent in the middle of the living room floor. An old toy, its a bed tent for my then 5 year old son, found again last week. And now it is a hiding place for the naked toddler...and the cats. And I thought I snuck it up to my son's room last weekend...and now it seems to have come down here again...I am going to kick that tent at some point this weekend...

Feeling a little nervous about the birthday party...not a lot, really, this is old hat by now. A couple calls from parents--one for directions to the venue, one to explain that one of his best friends cannot make it--he has Strep (!)

Pick up the cake--from a bakery this time and more expensive then I thought...go to Wal.greens and pick up ginger ale and cola.

The party is successful, kids arrive on time, instructor is ready, nerf guns are ablazing. She plays with an old toy of his, given to her as a "present" to make her feel better about the attention that is not.all.hers. Pizza delivered in the nick of time, cake moist and rich and good.

Home with presents, he disappears to assemble presents and open his presents from us. Playing side by side, my children are quiet and interesting and amazing. And I video tape something that is intangible.

Evening time and now I am talking on a long range walkie talkie (a birthday present from his cousin) while he and my husband go to the grocery store for a couple of items.

Too much sugar has been had by all. But bedtime is soon.

Husband reading the last time for me to put them to bed...and while I am looking forward to some adult time with my husband, there is a part of me that would like to just snuggle in the bed with them...


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Kristin said...

I love this post.

Killing time...

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