Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday found me stalking the various social media for three amazing women in the IF community.

I am so very happy for all three of them! And as I watched and waited for each newborn to arrive...I thought back to my children and their births. I especially thought of my first born. He was also born in February.

So this weekend will be filled with Birthday fun...his 12th Birthday Party is on Saturday. Rambunctious, hyperactive boys (and some girls), running around an obstacle course shooting Ne.rf and cake (with Clone Troopers on them). I still haven't gotten things for the goody bags yet...

As I spend his actual birthday this year (it is a holiday this year!) with him, I will be thinking of those small babies across the blogosphere--those so hard-fought and won babies and the many babies-to-be out there... And how small my son used to be, how he has grown...and how grateful I am for it all.


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