Monday, November 29, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday - Post # 29

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Moment #1: I show him the buttons and how to separate (not like we do much of that around here--the usual way for us is just throw some in). As is typical of him, he asks lots of questions (I picture his head is full of questions that he must have answered). I expect that he will be interested enough to learn how the washer and dryer works, but little else. And that is where I have underestimated him (yet again). He enthusiastically takes to laundry. He asks a fewe times this weekend if there is any laundry to be done (there always is). And he quickly gets his shoes on (laundry is downstairs in the kinda creepy basement), and rushes down there to put more laundry in. He asks a few questions more, but, so far, the laundry has come out great. (and, with some prodding, he even puts his share of laundry away!)

Moment #2: This morning. I am saying good-bye on a Monday after a long weekend. This morning she came into our bedroom flush with sleepy-morning-ness. And she cuddled in my arms, her thumb in her mouth, her eyes half-closed. It reminded me of when she was so small (how could she have ever been that small?). Fast forward to the good-bye. She is snuggling on the couch with dad, as I rush along to say good-bye. And she asks for kisses ("tisses") and kisses me and hugs me and says "You have red hair!" (like it is something new and wonderous that she has just discovered)

Moment #3: Last night, of course just before you go to bed, you start worrying about things. And we talk about our worries and just when I am getting upset and frustrated at life, he comes up with something ridiculous and makes me laugh--diffusing the situation as he usually does, reminding me what is important in life and love.


andrea said...

I totally dig the laundry help.
And hair brushing. Ahhhh kids rock!

Lavender Luz said...

Kids helping with laundry is definitely perfect!

As isph a partner who will get you out of your own head with a laugh when necessary.

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

I love your perfect moments. The way you describe them is like being there with you!

Miss K said...

I'm with Suzy - love your moments!!

PFM said...

this is heart warming.

Kristin said...

It totally rocks having a kid who likes to do laundry.

Willow is adorable.

And, having a person who can make you laugh away the stress is awesome.