Friday, November 05, 2010

Life Alphabetical

A twist on some of the alphabeticals out there...

A - The amount of apples my children eat is astounding. Apples sliced, diced, whole or in parts. Applesauce, apple juice (rarely). Apples--its for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

B - Bears are a big thing with Willow. Bears of all types, bears in books, stuffed bears, animals that look like bears (like Koalas) are BEARS! Not sure where this fascination with bears comes from, but it is almost as strong as her love of BABIES(!)

C - Cats. We have two of them. One is big and a bit lazy. One is small and a bit of a rascal. For instance, the other morning he got up on the counter and was able to push and pull enough to get the dry food container to fall onto the floor, spilling all the dry cat food out, where my husband found him gorging himself.

D - Dancing. She does a LOT of this in our kitchen. Usually to They Might Be Giants or Dan Zanes. Often she drags me in, so I can go around and around and around with her, until I am DIZZY.

E - "E" eats everything.* (He must know my son)

F - Finding things. We have a lot of fun finding things that are lost in our house. Well, I guess the word "fun" can be interpreted differently for us. I guess some "people" (Willow & KIF) would find what they do with our items FUN. We find it amusing at first and then frustrating (especially cuz those two are not so good with the descriptions on where they put things). Especially when we cannot FIND said items (oh, like daddy's car keys, the new DVD we just bought, our glasses)

G - Grover is a nice monster (see below). Do not innocently start reading "The Monster at the End of this Book" before bedtime when your house is under siege by monsters. Even cuddly Grover can be a menace in those situations.

H - Holiday shopping has already begun (actually began in September). I got Michael a Weird Al DVD and CD (yeah, a CD--I want him to have something to hold--and the liner notes are cool) for Hannukah. In the trunk of my car are two Christmas presents for Willow. And my excel spreadsheet has begun (adults on my list are not going to get much if anything this year--spending the money on the kids in the family).

I -Two Iguanas died in this house. TWO. Now whenever we see iguanas (whether live, stuffed animals or on video) we sigh.

J - Jumping. Its another thing that is big with the kids. Jumping and more jumping. Jumping in the kitchen, in their bedrooms, on their beds (somewhat allowed)...just (apparently) not jumping in the kangaroo costume.

K - The kangaroo costume--was a hit again and I feel that now the expensive of it has been earned. We used it two Halloweens and now the feet have little holes in them from all her walking around this past Halloween. it goes into her toy box for dress up.

L - LOLLIPOPS. Tons of them in the house right now. They are the STICKIEST things in the world. I think I am starting to hate lollipops and the sticks that are left gnawed and sticky around my house...

M - Monster Patrols have gotten to be a regular fixture of our house right now. Just tonight I sent some monsters packing...I clapped my hands, told them sternly to get out. She said I needed to get the ones downstairs too. So down I ran, and gave them what for. Along with a good old kick. Those monsters are OUTTA HERE! (until tomorrow!)

N - it what is going to happen to Kif in a couple of weeks. And it cannot come soon enough sometimes...

O - Offensive smell in my car...not sure what it is...thought it was a sour milk bottle, but I guess (from what my husband says, cuz he has an acute sense of smell) the smell is still there and I have cleaned everything out...I guess detailing is in the future...

P -Patience. I want more of them, but someone keeps taking them and hiding them where I cannot find them.

Q - "Fry: What do you monsters want?

Donkey Kong: One thing and one thing only: Quarters! A million allowances worth of quarters! No slugs or tokens.

Beserk: Fork 'em over! Fork 'em over!"

R - Repeated viewings in our house (thank you DVR): Superhero Squad, Mad (new cartoon based Mad Magazine satire), X-Men, Go Diego Go, 30 Rock, Family Guy, American Dad, How I Met Your Mother.

S - Michael's school pictures came in. They are the best school pictures I have ever seen. And of course I did not buy enough of them (cuz the packages were $$$). He looks so 13 in them...but he is only 11 1/2! But he looks so grown up and mature! Damn! I am going to have to buy more school pictures...

T - Yes, our Turtle Congo is still alive and swimming. In dirty water. Cleaning his aquarium is on my list for this weekend. As it was last weekend. Turtle doesn't mind...I do.

U - If you cannot find me and Willow--we are under the blanket over there! She is now enjoying a classic game that Michael used to call "fort" but she calls "house". Her 'house" is under a blanket (where it seems there is very little breathing room).

V - Victory is Mine! I finally got the kids to bed!

W - Love our Wii. Well, in reality, it's our second Wii...cuz the youngest members of the household (Willow and Kif) ganged up on our previous one. But, I still love our is fun and helpful too. And now its stored in a plastic box so little fingers cannot put disks or coins in the slot; and wires cannot be chewed.

X - Oh, and we have an X-Box too. An old style one, and every so often we play him. Poor, sad lonely X-Box....why could they have not destroyed YOU so that we would have felt compelled to buy a 360?

Y - This is yet another post for the 30 posts in 30 days. Yay!

Z - Zen. I need some of that right now. Usually my zen is gotten through reading, but I also think I need a chance to go to a day spa or even just a 2 hour just be Zen.

*TMBG's song reference. If you know the song--can you get it out of your head now??


Heather said...

This is super cute! I love this! A LOT!

I've missed you (been hibernating, kinda!)

Miss K said...

We are having a lot of apples right now, too. I am not allowing the kids to have lollipops but just because of the mess. I probably won;t be able to get away with that next year....

Kristin said...

I love this ABC list...very cool!

Anonymous said...

This is a great list and you are doing great at your 30 in 30!

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