Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, it Took me Until the 17th Post...

to have nothing really much to say.**

So, I guess I will just do a status report for this week:

--Kif has been transported over to our friend Ana's house, since she lives closer to the animal shelter that is going to do his neutering today. The exchange was made at a sort of undisclosed location (an Indian restaurant half way between our houses) and this morning I got a great text from Ana saying that he was doing fine and that she feed him a little more food just before midnight (no food before the operation this morning)

--Had good Indian food and went shopping with Ana (feel a LITTLE guilty about that cuz poor Kif was sitting in his carrier in my car the whole time)

--Michael finished the newest installment of Wimpy Kid within 2 days time. (picture of him getting the book on Saturday)

--Willow is on a milk strike. Doesn't like milk anymore...unless its chocolate milk! (Well, at least it gets her to drink it!) Luckily, she loves cheese still, so she gets her dairy in...

--Her "main" present came in the mail yesterday (right now it is safe from prying eyes here at work)

--I have most of the kids presents purchased and some others have been purchased too.

--Debating on holiday cards. Almost bought some yesterday. But I want to try to scan in some professional photos for cards...wondering how to do so on the cheap...

--I get to go scrapbooking on Saturday!!

--I also get to go to the Dentist on Saturday! (yay?)

--Is it Saturday yet?

If you are interested in seeing other 30 posts in 30 days writers, please stop on by NaBloPoMo, or stop on by Suzy's place.

**Despite what the date says at the top here--I wrote the title last night, but the main body of it today (11/17)

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JJ said...

Good for you on all the Christmas buying--Mook is done, but not me!

Can I come scrapbooking with you?! I havent done anything in so long and I miss it!