Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30th Post - Holiday Spirit

She is playing with two action figures and she pokes them into the branches in the Christmas tree. I tell her to be gentle with the tree, she says "I will be gentle". Then, I ask her what she is doing...she says they are living in the tree--playing house. I ask her if it would be a good idea to ask Santa Claus for a dollhouse. Her reaction is instantaneousness...she turns around, eyes huge and she squeals in delight at the idea. (Luckily, Santa has gotten the dollhouse for her already)

I am finally excited about the holidays. For some reason, after it became apparent that fall was falling and Halloween was around the corner, I was not looking forward to the changing seasons as I usually am. Maybe it was because summer went by so damned fast. Maybe it was because I was having such a great time.

Now, however, I am enjoying the season because I am enjoying seeing the holidays through their eyes. The older sibling helping his sister understand the concepts of Hanukkah. Everyone reading book after book after book about Santa Claus. Watching our favorite holiday programs and listening to the music.
And shopping for presents.

Tonight I wrapped their first night of Hanukkah gifts. I cannot wait until Wednesday night...the first night. A night of latkes and pot roast, dreidals and gelt.
I finally found my holiday spirit, it was there all along...in my children.

Note on 30 Posts in 30 days: Well, this is the last day. I only had a few days where I had not much to say, but I must say that it is hard to be obligated to write every day. I am glad I did it, but also glad its over. Thank you for reading.

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DaisyGal said...

that was a gorgeous post...I find that too, this year I am that way too, so happy that I can see this season through little eyes.

Loved this post :)

JJ said...

WE did it! 30 posts :)

Mook and I are totally big kids, so we get super giddy around this time of year. I am so, so, so thankful I get to watch Oman experience the joy of the holidays.