Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Show & Tell

My friend Suzy has decided to revive one of my favorite things--Show & Tell!!

So, please stop over to her blog and participate!

Tonight for dinner I made something that my husband and I like, especially during the summer...Salmon Macoroni salad.

I am amazed that I was able to make it tonight. First of all, huge traffic jam made me late picking up the kids, so I got home an hour later than normal. And then: the cats needed/DEMANDED to be fed; Willow would not leave Kif alone; Michael wanted to go take a B.A.T.H. (which he had to spell out because if Willow knew what he was doing, she would want to); change an extreme diaper blow out; give her a bath after my son; and go out for bread because I like the salad on toast and I thought I had bread in the house, but did not.

And yet...I MADE it!

I wanted to try something new for Show & Tell, so here is a video!

Artistically it was a mistake to stir while I was videotaping, but, I do like the squishy sound it made.

And here is a picture of the Salmon Macoroni Salad:


DaisyGal said...

yum,,,hope it was as good as it looks.
that was some night my friend :)

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

That looks delicious! I hope you enjoyed every bite.

kimbosue said...

I like the squishy sounds too!

MrsSpock said...

Looks good- but totally allergic! Wonder if it'd be good with SPAM?

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