Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Flip Flops and a Certain Explorer…

The call on my cell phone comes at 9:15 a.m., I am sitting at work. I answer and I hear crying (um, well, really screaming) in the background and my husband says: “Okay, where are the DAMNED flip flops??!” We figure out where they are, and he hangs up abruptly.

Like anyone else, Willow has obsessions. But, being a 2 year old, her obsessions become YOUR obsessions—cuz, woe be onto you if she is left wanting….

This summer will go down as the summer of FLIP FLOPS. I bought her a cheap pair for use on Cape Cod. And since then (which was late June), Flip Flops are on her feet most times without fail. I have gotten her to wear shoes a few times (usually by using her sense of fashion—yep, my toddler has more of a sense of fashion than I do). We have spare shoes at the Daycare provider’s house, so that she can get her into them for safety reasons (for playgrounds, etc.). But, like some other obsessions she has, it is actually easier to placate her at this point…there is no real harm done…except when one cannot FIND the flip flops (she has 2 pair now).

Willow’s love for Spongebob and Fraggle Rock has waned and she has found another character that has captured her imagination. Do.ra the Ex.plorer has become the new IT Girl in our lives.

While Spongebob and Fraggle Rock, we could all agree on (and, truth be told, these were things WE watched and she became enamored with them)…Do.ra is the first character/television show that Willow has found on her own.

Do.ra is, well, she is cute and all, but kind of repetitive and, well…I guess my son can explain it best…he calls her “Do.ra the Bore-a”. Which is funny, of course, because HE had a love affair with her for a few months when he was 3 years old…and we have the DVD to prove it…which now we have dusted off for our daily viewing “pleasure”. I thank our cable company for DVR…because I can try very hard not to have to watch the same shows over and over and over (well, at least no more than 3 times). I have to remind Michael of his past discretions (oh, remember Drag. On Ta.les…Oh WE do, Michael. We do.) So far, I think we are all more amused than annoyed by this new obsession…but give it time and I will want to take a cross bow and….

Other obsessions have been on the new kitty and the cats’ new water bowl (she “cleans” her hands in it; she puts their dry food in it). Juice is another necessity that cannot be left out. And MONEY. She loves playing with money, putting it into a little purse, trying to put it into slots on toys, especially her rocking horse.


serenity said...

O has just discovered Dora. From what I can tell, she yells a lot - doesn't have a regular pattern of speech, just more of a yell. It bothers me to no end, more than Elmo, more than the Fresh Beat Band, or WonderPets!

I feel your pain, that's all.

I WISH I could get O to try on new shoes. Seriously, getting him to part with the ones that are falling apart at the seams to use the new ones is like pulling teeth.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

We haven't gotten into Dora in our house. I will take that as a good thing from what you and serenity have said.

It sounds like you might be in a little bit of trouble when she is a teenager with her fashion sense and love of money!

Kristin said...

Do you want some more Dora dvds? We have a stockpile of them from when Gabe was obsessed.

Where the Heart Is said...

I, too, feel your pain. We made the mistake of downloading an entire season. Ugh.

Courtney said...

Well, I can't say I blame the girl. I mean, flip flops are a necessity in life! If not flip flops, then barefoot is the way to go!:-)

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