Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week One---At Liberty

Well, more than 1/2 way through week one of unemployment, I must say this week has not been what I expected.

I had decided that after 10 years of working, I deserved to wallow in my own self pity and crapulance for a week. On that note, I left the daycare/after school schedules to be "normal" for one last week. This was supposed to give me a chance to--sleep in late, eat chocolate and other comfort food, watch decandent daytime t.v./movies--all in all, be a depressed, self-pitying bum. Oh, yes, I had plans to do to set up a few things, but nothing too much.

All that changed on Monday. First, our daycare provider called in sick--so my first day of depression was modified by having a 10 month old trying to (a) eat the mouse cord (b) eat pizza with mommy and (c) drain all the blood from my arm while sleeping there and NO WHERE ELSE.

Then, without any prompting on my part, two staffing agencies called me--and I was all set to go into Boston, not once, but twice this week.

Tuesday brought an appointment in Boston. And then shopping for a printer cartridge for our printer so I could print an application for the next day's appointment in Boston. Going to the local Staples for the cartridge, I figured I might as well check on the gym next door. And I signed up to join monthly at a great low price! (I have a treadmill and bike at home, but I wanted to add something more and to get out of the house) I have an appointment tomorrow for an hour and 1/2 assessment at the gym.

I came home--and another agency called with an actual opportunity with a pre-screen interview. So I scheduled that trip into Boston to be before my other appointment in Boston.

So, today, I went into Boston again. Went to the two appointments (got a good workout walking between them).

The good news--haven't had time to really wallow in that crapulance yet.

Next week starts the New Normal that I have now set up (job hunting is an everyday event--but doesn't take all day) :

Mondays - Hang out with Willow (Do errands, etc.)
Tuesdays - Willow goes to daycare and I go to the gym and/or interviews
Wednesdays - Hang out with Willow and go to a YMCA class with her
Thursdays - Willow goes to daycare and I go to the gym and/or interviews
Fridays - Hang out with Willow (Do errands, etc.)


La La said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your job! I hope things pick up soon!

Valerie said...

Not wallowing was probably a good thing, of course you could wallow this weekend.

Cibele said...

You go girl, take control!

Fertilized said...

Good luck to you finding a job

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, so much for a crappy job market when they are knocking down your door!

Good luck!

KimboSue said...

Well I am glad agencies are calling...hopefully this unemployment thingy won't last long and you won't have to sit through any crapulance.

Christy said...

Sounds like you have just too much going on to wallow . . . which is fantastic! I hope you find something new in a jiffy.

Caro said...

Just popping in to say that I hope things are going well with your job search.

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